AIMP 4.70 Build 2242 Multilingual + Portable

AIMP 4.70 Build 2242 Multilingual + Portable


AIMP is a beautiful and powerful music player that can play a variety of audio formats with the highest possible quality. The first thing that will catch your eye at first is the beautiful graphic appearance of this program. All parts of the program are arranged in hidden panels, which are opened by selecting them completely. You can make this program to your taste with different skins.

The program has an 18-band equalizer that you can use to give special effects to music. If you want to better understand the effect of these equalizers, you should use suitable headphones with acceptable frequency limits so that you can feel the details of the sound. This equalizer can be adjusted both manually and by selecting famous profiles such as techno, dance, pop, rock and…, you can equalize the sound as you wish.

When switching between songs, starting or stopping music, the sound is turned off and on again with soft effects so that you do not feel that there is a gap between the two music. When playing sound, there is also a light dance window that gives a special graphic effect to the player environment in harmony with playing music. In the playlist section, you can rate different songs, add the song to your favorites list. Specify the broadcast type. For example, play randomly. Play songs of a specific category.

An interesting feature of AIMP is the normalization of sound levels. Some songs may not be set correctly and may sound low. In contrast, some songs are tuned very loudly. On the other hand, no one likes to constantly have their hand on the speaker volume and adjust the volume level while playing music. To solve this problem, the program has a tool for normalizing the sound, through which you can normalize different songs so that they all play at the same sound level.

Features and features of AIMP:

  • Beautiful and tidy graphic appearance
  • Play high quality songs
  • Has an 18-band equalizer with predefined profiles or set manually and create new profiles
  • The effect of the sound gradually fading when the song starts and stops or when switching between songs
  • Ability to normalize the loudness of sounds
  • Ability to create new playlists, add songs to favorites
  • Ability to play songs randomly or in other modes
  • Auxiliary tools for correcting music file tag information with support for ID3v1, ID3v2, Vorbis, WMA tags
  • Ability to record audio
  • Full support for Unicode (files with Persian names or tagging with Persian information)
  • And …

required system 

Windows Vista • Windows 7 • Windows 8 • Windows 10 • Windows 10 64 bit


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Installation guide

This application is free.

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Download AIMP_4.70 Build 2242 Multilingual
Download AIMP 4.70 Build 2242 Multilingual Portable
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