AirCopy 3.10 Build 191006

AirCopy is an application software and of course very efficient in the field of file transfer. In fact, this software has been prepared and published as a very useful tool for transferring information between mobile phones and computers running Windows operating system. This way you will no longer need to use a cable. Unlike the old methods, you can do your desired data from PC to phone or vice versa in a safe and very fast environment. With this product, your work to transfer files has become very simple.

AirCopy tool supports Android and iOS operating systems on mobile phones. This means that you can transfer files such as photos, videos and various documents and data between two devices. You will have three very simple steps to transfer data. You must first scan the QR code on your mobile phone. In the next step, you can select the files you want and at the end, the files you want will be transferred as quickly as possible.

Communication between devices is also via a local connection or Wi-Fi. This method will not use any data from your Internet network. This method is just a solution for file transfer. This software is also very well designed and published in terms of user interface.

Features and specifications of AirCopy tool:

  • Transfer various files from PC to your mobile phone and vice versa
  • Wireless connection between devices for the convenience of users
  • Supports Android and iOS operating systems on mobile phones
  • Simple and understandable for the convenience of all users
  • Very high speed in transferring your information along with information security