AirDroid Desktop 3.6.7

AirDroid is an application software that allows you to access and manage your Android phone or tablet via wireless communication in Windows and Mac environment. From a closer look, you can not only transfer files between these devices without the need to use cables and wires, but you can also access your software calls, messages and notifications. This software requires a wireless modem to connect.

Features and specifications of the AirDroid app:

– Ability to receive and send messages and manage them

– Ability to transfer files between Android and PC

– View mobile notifications on PC

– View and edit all contacts

– Play audio and video files and manage them through a computer

– View your device screen on your computer

– Ability to take a screenshot of the screen of the Android device (requires the device to be rooted)

– Ability to transfer Apk files and also the ability to install software through a computer

AirDroid app tips:

– This software is free and has no restrictions or ads.

2- AirDroid software requires a wireless modem to connect to a computer.

3- This software requires the device to be rooted for some functions such as taking screenshots and viewing messages from communication applications such as WhatsApp and Line.