Akcelik SIDRA Intersection

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SIDRA Intersection (formerly Sidra and aaSidra) is a software package used to analyze traffic, intersections, network capacity, service levels, and performance analysis. This program is a micro-analyzer tool for evaluating traffic, which does this by applying the car driving cycle model and examining the route to the route. Sidra Intersection allows you to model different models of driving classes (light vehicles, heavy vehicles, buses, bicycles, large trucks, rail / tram lines and 6 other user classes) by specifying different features for each. These movements can be assigned to different routes, line segmentation, signal phases, etc., for example to model bus bus priority. This program is a powerful engineering software for traffic management that is currently used by transportation specialists in 90 countries.

Features and characteristics of Sidra Intersection:

  • Calculation of network signals (cycle time, time phase, signal offsets)
  • Common control groups for multiple intersections under signal controller
  • Display and report routes in terms of performance and perform signal offset calculations
  • Network output by routes
  • Compare route output and compare network output by routes
  • Having a large number of movement classes for modeling vehicles
  • Ability to batch convert files of the previous version of the program to the new version
  • View Layout capability to check the geometry of the route, road movements and input and output lines of the field

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

download link

Download Akcelik_SIDRA_Intersection_8.0.1.7778

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