Aldec Active-HDL 11.1 Update 1 x64 + Libraries / 10.1 x86 Free Download

Aldec Active-HDL 11.1 Update 1 x64 + Libraries / 10.1 x86 Free Download


Active-HDL is Windows-based software for building, designing, and simulating field-programmable field arrays ( FPGAs ) in team environments. The integrated Active-HDL design environment provides a complete set of graphic design and multilingual simulation tools (with right-to-left support) for rapid development and review and modification of FPGA designs. Software design flow management invokes more than 120 tools for creating Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and FPGA when importing, designing, simulating, combining, and implementing flows, allowing the team to work through the entire development process. FPGA, stay on a common platform. Active-HDL supports all industry-leading FPGA devices including Altera, Atmel, Lattice, Microsemi, Quicklogic and Xilinx.

Features of Active-HDL software:

  • Team and unified design management: Maintain consistency among local or remote teams
  • Customizable EDA / FPGA flow management: Connect with more than 120 vendor tools to keep the team on a common platform
  • Rapid expansion of designs with texts, diagrams and device mode
  • Distribute or provide IPs more securely and reliably with compatible and standard encryption
  • Powerful and multilingual shared kernel emulator with support for VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog and SystemC
  • Ensure code quality and validity using interactive graphical debugging and code quality tools

required system

Single core CPU for 32-bit systems

Dual or Multi core for 64-bit systems

2GB for 32-bit systems

4GB for 64-bit systems

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Installation guide

  • After installing the program, copy and replace the dll files in the program installation location and in the BIN folder.
  • Run the program and after receiving the license error message, select Run license information. Next, copy the content inside “” in the Ethernet Address field.
  • Run the license.dat file in the Crack folder with Notepad and use the Replace all option instead of all the expressions 112233445566 to enter the copy content taken in the previous step and save the file.
  • In the next step, enter the license file and confirm.
  • Run the program now.
  • If there is a problem and the license error reappears, run the Windows Environment Variables section by searching for the same phrase in the Start menu and click on Environment Variables in the window that opens. Then in the User variables section, look for the phrase ALDEC_LICENSE_FILE, and if it exists, edit it and enter the default license path, which is C: \ Aldec \ Active-HDL 10.1 64-bit \ Dat \ license.dat, in the Variable value section. Note that the license edited in the steps above must have been copied here.

download link

Download Active-HDL 11.1 x64 Update 1

Active-HDL 11.1 Libraries

Download Part 1 – 2 GB
Download Part 2 – 2 GB
Download Section 3 – 2 GB
Download Section 4 – 1.29 GB
Download Aldec Active-HDL 10.1 x86
Download Aldec Active-HDL 10.1 x86 Updated Crack
Download Aldec Active-HDL 10.1 x64
Download Aldec Active-HDL 10.1 x64 Updated Crack
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