All about Samsung Account and its applications

Samsung Account
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Benefits of creating a Samsung account

If you have just created your Samsung account, it’s good to know that with this account you can do or do things possible:

– Unique offers and processing power

– Easy order tracking and product registration

– Identify the location of your mobile phone

Remotely wipe or lock your privacy and personal information

– specific programs such as Samsung Pay , Bixby , Samsung Health and Samsung Pass use

– Back up your data and gallery and have a backup to both worry about device information and free up storage space

Application of Samsung account in mobile applications


One of the most useful features of Samsung Account is the ability to use the Find My Mobile application, with the help of this program, you can register your phone so that if you lose it, you can lock it remotely and ring the phone. Make a call (and call yourself) and even set a number to call your lost phone.


If you are one of those people who take a million photos and videos in your mobile phone memory but forget or do not have the patience to upload or transfer this information to your computer, do not worry and worry. The SAMSUNG CLOUD program automatically backs up all items.

With the help of this application, you can have the following items available:

Events and tasks set in the calendar

Contacts, email addresses and business cards

Pictures, videos and stories

Predict text data

Audio notes, pictures and tasks


Bookmarks, saved pages and open tabs from Samsung Internet

Samsung login information

Booklets, pictures and web addresses and …


Samsung Health serves as your main hub for all health matters. In addition to helping you keep track of your workouts and water intake, it can sync with syncing apps to put all your information in one place. There is a lot going on in this app, but the goal is to put you in control of your health.

Just get acquainted with how Samsung Health works to get  complete information about weight, calorie intake, calorie intake, blood pressure, blood sugar, cycling, stress levels, caffeine consumption and ….


Samsung’s PENUP app is truly a social network for artists who like to share their work with others. Use your S-Pen to draw amazing artwork on your phone and share it with your other friends. But you should keep in mind that using this program requires a Samsung account.

Samsung Account

How to delete a Samsung account

You may want to delete your account for any reason, to do so you must do the following:

1) Enter the device settings, then select Cloud and accounts from the menu that opens.

2) Now click on Accounts, doing this will open a page for you and the list of all the accounts you have will be displayed for you.

3) Select Samsung account from the list and after pointing to your account, point to the three dots in the upper right corner, finally tap on Remove account option.

Samsung Account

4) You can see other required information about deleting your account on the next page, confirm it by selecting Ok.

5) Finally, you must enter your password again and select Remove account.

Samsung Account
Samsung Account

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