All the rumors about the Apple iPhone 13 that have been published to date

iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13

Join us in this article for an overview of all the rumors about the Apple iPhone 13 that have been published so far about this highly anticipated flagship.


It’s only been a few months since the launch of Apple’s 2020 flagship iPhone 12; Phones with attractive looks and new features quickly attracted a lot of fans and sold well for Apple.

Of course, it should be noted that the supply of these phones is not so perfect and marginal, for example, the lack of a charger or the 60Hz image refresh rate may be one of the weaknesses of these gadgets. Recently, there have been some complaints from users about the antenna problems of these phones , which due to hardware or software problems of the iPhone 12 series cause the 5G internet to be cut off while driving (by car or vehicle).

However, the iPhone 12 is currently one of the best smartphones on the global market; But what path will the iPhone 13 follow?

Recent rumors and reports related to Apple iPhone 13

Of course, last year, and even some time before the release of the iPhone 12 series, rumors were heard about the iPhone 13; So with that in mind, it’s no surprise that as the time for Apple’s new flagships approaches, so do the rumors.

Rumors of iPhone 13 models

Apple iPhone 13 - iPhone 13

According to one of the famous analysts who has provided accurate information about smartphones in the past, it seems that this year we are going to see only 3 models in the iPhone 13 series. This means that the base or mini model has been removed and we will only see the iPhone 13 (mini or simple), the Pro model and the Pro Max model.

Of course, the differences between the simple and Pro models in the iPhone 12 were not significant, except for a telephoto camera, and it can be accepted that this version will be removed from the iPhone 13 phones.

Apple iPhone 13 flagship release date

There is no official or unofficial news about the release date of the iPhone 13 phones, but it is possible to guess this date based on some information, in other words, to predict it.

Apple usually has a formal conference on its new products on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

The release date of iPhones is usually about a week to a week and a half after the conference.

With this in mind, as usual, the iPhone 13 will be released this year on Friday and in the third week of September.

Or if that date shifts a bit, new iPhone handsets will hit the market between September 8th and 17th.

According to the points analyzed above, if the process of making and designing new Apple phones goes on as usual every year, then in the summer of this year and in September or finally in October, we will see the release of these flagships.

It may not be the name of the iPhone 13!

Apple iPhone 13 - iPhone 13

There is a lot of talk going on among users right now that Apple is apparently going to give up the iPhone 13 name. Now, this issue is divided into two general parts, one of which is due to the lack of a new design and the very similarity of this phone with the iPhone 12. This means that just like in 2015, when the iPhone 6S was released instead of the 7, this year we may see the release of the iPhone 12S instead of the iPhone 13.

However, Apple’s background in such naming is not so empty, and in 2018 we saw that the name of the new phone, iPhone XS, was given. However, a new name like the iPhone 2021 or iPhone XXI may be chosen for the company’s new flagships, which seems a bit unlikely.

The price of the Apple iPhone 13 will be about the same as the iPhone 12 or maybe less

Apple iPhone 13 - iPhone 13

When we introduced Apple’s flagship phones in 2020, we saw four phones with four different specifications. However, the point that probably attracted the user’s attention more than anything else was the difference in their price, which was taken into account considering the type of customer and the amount of purchase of the desired model.

However, the increase in the price of the iPhone 12 compared to the iPhone 11 was only about $ 100, which seems reasonable; Add the ability to connect to the 5G network, which is currently the fastest SIM network Internet. But if this price increase is only for using a new chip, it should be noted that the power of the A14 used in the iPhone 12 is so high that the possibility of not using a new chip in the iPhone is 13% higher.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that next year we’ll still see the same $ 799 price tag on the new Apple iPhone 13, which only works on other features such as increased image refresh rate as well as camera quality.

Of course, it should also be taken into account that Apple’s 2021 phone will definitely depend on the sales of the iPhone 12 in the coming months. However, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models became the top and second best-selling 5G handsets in October, and the trend of welcoming users to these flagships continues.


Apple iPhone 13 - iPhone 13

There are currently no leaked photos or images of the design of the iPhone 2021 and it has not been released, but it is expected that the format and shape of Apple’s next flagship will not change much; Because in 2020, Apple made a general change in the design of its phones, which, of course, was very well received by users, and therefore the possibility of changing it seems a little unlikely.

However, similar rumors have been spread by users in cyberspace, which refers to the size of the screen of iPhone 13 phones.

  • IPhone 13 Mini: 5.4
  • IPhone 13: 6.1
  • IPhone 13 Pro: 6.1
  • IPhone 13 Pro Max: 6.7

Of course, a strange rumor is heard about these models, according to which the Lightning port is supposed to be removed from these phones!


Apple iPhone 13 - iPhone 13

In 2020, we saw that the iPhone 12 Pro Max was able to compete well with its new camera structure, even with the flagships Pixel and Samsung. Anyway, having a LIDAR sensor and adding the ability to use advanced augmented reality technology may be one of the best options that the iPhone 12 Pro Max offers, but now with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and seeing its extremely high quality, the situation is a little different. .

For example, one of the weaknesses of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, even compared to the Galaxy S20 Ultra, will be its optical zoom capability; At best, you only see 2.5x optical zoom on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is not an acceptable option for a 2021 or even 2020 flagship. Apple, meanwhile, has introduced its new flagship Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with two separate telephoto cameras that can zoom up to 100 times with auto-shake capability.

So with this in mind, it is possible that the quad-core structure of the iPhone 13 camera (or at least its Pro Max model) includes two telephoto and periscope cameras. It is also unlikely that the LIDAR sensor used in Apple’s flagship Pro 2020 and Pro Max models will now be used in all iPhone 13 models.

However, all the information mentioned in this article is just a rumor at the moment and we will have to wait for the official news or at least some leaked images in the coming months. Finally, we should add that in 2021, we may see the return of Touch ID in Apple iPhone 13 after its departure from 2019.

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