Almediadev StyleControls 4.60

StyleControls is a stable and powerful package (over 100 components) that uses classic design styles, system themes, GDI + and VCL Styles. This package includes unique solutions for extending standard VCL controls, as well as many unique and advanced controls for creating modern applications (UWP design). You can also use this package to improve VCL Styles in your application.

Features of the StyleControls package:

  • Native technology based on Themes API
  • A professional collection of Embarcadero styles
  • No need for an adapter style for standard controls
  • Most popular third-party controls support VCL Styles
  • Special component for adding buttons, tabs in the NC area and improving form behavior
  • Special component and code to improve menu behavior + add transparency, wallpapers for menus (text menus work from XE2)
  • Special code to improve scaling and High-DPI support for system dialogs with VCL Styles
  • Many control options to set different types of control styles (combination of themes, styles and custom graphics)
  • Advanced transparency controls, various types of borders, wallpapers, including wallpapers with Alpha Channel
  • Bright effects and animation on controls: system animation for buttons, glow and shadow for labels, text, glow options, etc.
  • A variety of list boxes, combo boxes and a number of editors with different types, transparency notes , wallpapers and many additional properties

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