Altair EDEM Professional 2021.0 x64

Altair EDEM Professional 2021.0 x64


EDEM is a leading software for simulating bulk solids (such as coal, soil, sand, etc.). EDEM software with Discrete Element Modeling technology, which means modeling discrete elements with high speed and accuracy, simulates and analyzes the behavior of these materials. In fact, EDEM software gives engineers the ability to have a deeper vision and better insight into the interaction of materials with machines. Monitor various tools, equipment, processes and mechanisms.

Since the 2020 version, the company has changed from DEM Solutions to Altair.

Features and specifications of EDEM software:

  • Simulation of dry, soft, sticky, brittle, viscous materials and small and large masses…
  • Modern user interface for fast simulation
  • Efficiency and fast calculation and scalability – simulation of complex and large particle systems
  • Quick and easy access to a library of thousands of material models
  • Various components including constructor, simulator, analyzer and…
  • A wide variety of tools for developing and creating advanced and sophisticated modeling (cohesive solids, fractures, flexible fibers, charged and magnetic particles, etc.)
  • Having interfaces compatible with all CAE technologies such as finite element analysis, fluid dynamics and…

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