Altair Flux 2020.0 Build 1708 x64

Altair Flux 2020.0 Build 1708 x64

Altair Flux is a leading software for simulating thermal and electromagnetic phenomena. The manufacturer of this program describes Flux as an efficient and accurate software for analyzing the complexity of thermal and electromagnetic phenomena to predict future product behavior. On the other hand, when we examine the history of the manufacturer, we will find that the description is not unreasonable. For more than 30 years, this program has been one of the top simulation programs in the field of industry and academia.

Altair Flux is now a reliable reference in the field of electromagnetic simulation and thermal phenomena. Due to the continuous improvement of the technologies used in this program, Flux is an efficient, user-friendly and versatile tool that helps professionals in various industries to present perfect and optimal products to the market with maximum efficiency in the shortest possible time. With this program, the number of required prototypes will reach its minimum. Also, due to the strong support team and its large user community, the answer to any question and ambiguity will not remain unanswered.

The Altair Flux support team consists of a number of qualified electrical engineers who are aware of all the needs of users. This program will be easily placed in your organizational workflow and will provide good analytical results. Flux will be able to simulate the most complex computational models using the most advanced numerical calculation methods. Also, connecting the program and exchanging information with other CAD products will maximize your productivity. The results of the calculations of this program are also very accurate and you can have enough confidence in these results. Different projects require their own unique simulation process. However, there are common cases that using the scripting and macro capabilities of this tool can be used for other simulations, which will save a lot of time when doing other projects.

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Altair Flux 2020.0 Build 1708 x64

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