Altair HyperWorks Suite 2021.0 x64
HyperWorks Suite

Altair HyperWorks Suite 2021.0 x64


Altair HyperWorks Suite is a CAE simulation software platform that allows you to create superior products at cost-effective. HyperWorks Suite software provides the most comprehensive architectural solutions in the industry, including analysis, visualization, data management, structural optimization, water-structure interaction, and multi-body dynamic applications.

Features of Altair HyperWorks Suite:

List of modules:


  • Module formation of input data, split patterns, use of ITP materials Perform fast and efficient analysis of the original model
  • Run in different environments to solve different problems


  • Dynamic impact and collision calculation module

OptiStruct and RADIOSS

  • Solve structural and nonlinear problems, running from one shell or separately

HyperView and HyperView Player

  • Module for visualization and processing

HyperStudy and HyperStudy DSS

  • Performance optimization and multivariate analysis

HyperGraph and HyperGraph 3D

  • 3D processing with great potential

Displays and solver program to solve problems of moving and dynamic objects

  • Fully compatible (direct or reverse) using MSC.ADAMS
  • New acoustic optimization, thermal composition / mechanical optimization
  • Math Analysis Tasks
  • Web-based dashboard module for Data Manager
  • Improved attention to CAD / CAE interface
  • ScriptView – New product for debugging scripts and Tcl
  • Improve topology and topography results for design

required system

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10


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Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

download link

Altair HWDesktop + Solvers 2021.0 x64

Download Part 1 – 2 GB
Download Part 2 – 2 GB
Download Section 3 – 2 GB
Download section 4 – 2 GB
Download section 5 – 2 GB
Download Section 6 – 997 MB

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