Altium Concord Pro 2020 v1.1.10.99 x86

Altium Concord Pro is a single source for component data, real-time information sources, component tracking capabilities, and collaboration with the mechanical design team. Altium Concord Pro can accommodate all managed data including components, domain models, circuit schematic pages and design patterns. In fact, you can even create and manage your entire design projects directly in Concord Pro with a CAD -based management perspective .

Features and specifications of Altium Concord Pro software:

Up-to-date and standard component information

Using a shared library, Altium Concord Pro provides a standard way to define components and see the status of components so you can easily find, create, and reuse component information you trust.

ECAD / MCAD two-way cooperation

Altium Concord Pro provides a collaborative environment for you and your mechanical team to coordinate design and any changes, board shape, placement of parts. So you can be sure that your electronic and mechanical designs come together.

Ability to track the piece

Altium Concord Pro, which uses the “Where used” feature, can detect the location of each particular component, allowing your design to be up-to-date and your proven components to be used with confidence. Be again.

Resource information in real time

This software brings live supplier data directly into your design environment so you can easily design with real-time information – including availability, various options, and pricing.

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file.

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