Altova XMLSpy Enterprise 2018 20.2.1 R2 SP1 x64

Altova XMLSpy Enterprise 2018 20.2.1 R2 SP1 x64

XMLSpy is a useful tool for editing, modeling, converting and debugging xml and related technologies. The program provides a rich graphical interface for designing various sketches. It has a code generator that automatically converts the built models into equivalent codes. You can convert different xml files to each other in this program. In this software, there is a powerful profiler that can be used to monitor all transactions made with xml files or databases that store this information format.

This program is not limited to xml and includes similar technologies or subsets such as XSLT, XPath, XQuery, WSDL, SOAP, XBRL,, and the xml format of Office documents (OOXML). In fact, all the tools provided in this product can be used on the types of files mentioned. Also, by using the Visual Studio and Eclipse plugin, .NET and Java programmers do not even need to leave their work environment, where, for example, in Visual Studio, they can take advantage of the capabilities of this product.

Many web services and technologies today use xml files or their subdirectories as part of their storage system. This information format has become commonplace among software products due to its data-driven structure. Proper use of this technology and building web services based on complex xml requires compliance with certain points and standards that with the help of this program and its capabilities, the production of this category of programs will be easier. Using xml is both simple and complex! For simple information models, you may not need any tools and you can meet your needs with NetPad, but as the required information models become more complex, the complexity of this simple technology also increases. The main purpose of this program is to hide these complexities.

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