The always-on display feature comes to the Apple iPhone 13

iPhone 13

According to reports, the Always-On Display feature is coming to the Apple iPhone 13.


A few months have passed since the release of the flagship iPhone 12, and now with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S21, many fans of Apple phones are more and more waiting for the release of the new flagship to compete.

Of course, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is already a very strong competitor for the flagships of other companies in 2021; But the addition of other standards, such as a 120Hz refresh rate and a more advanced camera, is one of the options that could make the iPhone 13 a unique phone.

However, it is noteworthy that Android phones have some interesting software features that have been gradually added to the iOS operating system. Like the use (of course limited) of some widgets and the ever-on display that is going to be added to the iPhone 13.

IPhone 13 always on screen

According to the latest rumors about Apple 2021 phones, apparently the 120Hz LTPO display of this gadget with more power storage, can always display the clock, notifications and battery percentage.

Of course, to display notifications, it is apparently necessary for users to always touch the screen once to display the full Notification. However, you never have to worry about consuming too much energy; Because, as mentioned, the new LTPO OLED display is very energy efficient.

In addition to these rumors, there is a new rumor that the iPhone 13 will be able to use the MegSife charger. In a way that it can no longer be easily detached from the phone and will stick to it with more force. In addition, the gadget’s camera will be able to detect space objects such as stars and moons and show them as naturally as possible when capturing an image.

However, all this information, including the addition of the always-on display mode on the iPhone 13, is currently just a rumor and will have to wait until the official announcement.

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