Amazon RDS - Event Notifications

Amazon RDS – Event Notifications

All through the life cycle of amazon RDS DB situations, many DB occasions happen that are essential to be identified beforehand. For instance – A backup of the DB occasion has began, or an error has occurred whereas restarting MySQL or MariaDB.

Notification Classes

Primarily based on the character of the occasion, notifications might be categorized into following classes.

Class Instance
Availability DB occasion is restarting or present process managed shutdown
Backup backup of the DB occasion has began, or it’s full
Configuration change The DB occasion class for this DB occasion is being modified or it’s being transformed to a Single-AZ DB occasion.
Failover The occasion has recovered from a partial failover.
Failure The DB occasion has failed as a consequence of an incompatible configuration
Notification Patching of the DB occasion has accomplished
Restoration Restoration of the DB occasion is full
Restoration The DB occasion has been restored from a DB snapshot

Creating Occasion Notifications

Beneath are the steps to create occasion subscriptions by means of which the notifications are despatched to the subscriber.


Select the Occasion subscription tab from the RDS dashboard.


We give a reputation to the occasion and select the subscription supply.


Now selecting the supply.



Within the subsequent step we see the small print of the supply kind of a subscription kind chosen for the occasion.