Amazon RDS - MySQL Features

Amazon RDS – MySQL Features

MySQL is a well-liked Relational DB which is on the market within the amazon RDS providers with its group version options. Virtually each characteristic of MYSQL could be leveraged within the RDS platform with just some restrictions primarily based on areas and availability zones. Beneath is a quick description on MYSQLs main options within the RDS platform.Supported Variations

The variations 5.5, 5.6 and 5.7 are the key variations supported within the RDS platform. Besides for five.6.27 all variations are supported in all AWS areas. If no model is talked about in the course of the DB creation, it defaults to the newest model at that cut-off date. Beneath is an instance of the way to get all supported DB Engine variations utilizing AWS API in a python SDK program.


import boto3

consumer = boto3.consumer('rds')

response = consumer.describe_db_engine_versions(


When the above code is run we get an output as under −

   "ResponseMetadata": {},
   "DBEngineVersions'": [
         "Engine'": "mysql",
         "DBParameterGroupFamily'": "mysql5.6",
         "SupportsLogExportsToCloudwatchLogs'": true,
         "SupportedCharacterSets'": [],
         "SupportsReadReplica'": true,
         "DBEngineDescription'": "MySQL Neighborhood Version",
         "EngineVersion'": "5.6.40",
         "DBEngineVersionDescription'": "MySQL 5.6.40",
         "ExportableLogTypes'": [
         "ValidUpgradeTarget'": [
               "Engine'": "mysql",
               "IsMajorVersionUpgrade'": true,
               "AutoUpgrade'": false,
               "Description'": "MySQL 5.7.22",
               "EngineVersion'": "5.7.22"

Model Improve

There MySQL model quantity is maintained as MYSQL A.B.C. On this notation, A.B signifies the key model and C signifies the minor model. The improve method is totally different between minor and main model upgrades.

Minor Model Improve

The DB cases are robotically upgraded to new minor variations when ever they’re supported by Amazon RDS. This patching happens throughout a schedules upkeep window which you’ll management. You can even manually improve to new variations for those who favor to show off the automated replace.

Main Model improve

Main model upgrades aren’t obtainable as automated improve. It have to be carried out by the account person manually by modifying the DB occasion. Beneath flowchart indicated the steps in attaining the key model improve. This method ensures that the improve course of is totally examined earlier than it’s utilized on the dwell manufacturing database.


Database Safety

The safety for RDS MYSQL DB is managed at three layers.

Utilizing IAM

On this method the IAM person ought to have applicable insurance policies and permissions. Granting of such permissions is set by the account holder or the tremendous person who grants these permissions.

Utilizing VPC

You both use a VPC safety group or DB safety group to determine which EC2 cases can open connections to the endpoint and port of a DB occasion. These connections will also be made utilizing SSL.

Utilizing IAM Database Authentication

On this method you utilize a IAM function and an authentication token. The authentication token generates a novel worth which is related to the IAM function that’s used within the entry course of. Right here the identical set of credentials are used for database in addition to different aws sources, like EC2 and S3 and so forth.