AMETank 7.7

AMETank 7.7

AMETank software is a new version of ETank and ETank 2000 programs that is provided by TechnoSoft to design tanks and perform various calculations related to various pressures and other parameters. In fact, AMETank is a new and integrated product of two AMTank software from TechnoSoft and the ETank program from EWare. Production of three-dimensional models with precise details and high speed, detailed reporting and estimation of manufacturing costs, etc. are among the features of this software. This program has three parts AMETank DCM; Stands for Design Calculations Module, meaning AMETank DCM & 3D; For 3D calculation and modeling of AMETank ME design and section; Master stands for Master Edition for performing additional features such as reporting, material determination, cost estimation, and more.

Features and specifications of AMETank software :

– Convenient interactive and graphical user interface

– Design of different components of tanks such as floor, roof, shell, stairs and… with complete configuration

– High speed and accuracy in the design of tank details

– Full compliance of the design with various international standards such as API 650 standard

– Performing various calculations including seismic pressure, internal and external pressure, wind pressure and…

– Ability to provide design output for NC devices

– Estimate the cost of building a tank with appropriate accuracy

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