Ammyy Admin Corporate 3.5

Ammyy Admin is a program designed to establish remote control between computers. This software is portable, so you will not need to install it. Communication between remote devices is based on a unique hardware ID and no settings are required to start the control process, as the program is hidden from the firewall and can be used on all systems with a router. You can also enable password authentication to make sure the user is on the other person.

All communication between systems is made available by the developer through public routers. Although public networking seems compatible, the developer has also made it possible to connect through confidential and private devices. Ammyy Admin encrypts the connection by AES and RSA standards, which affects overall security. Different encryption keys are used for each session.

After communicating, the receiver must accept the working session and can grant the device a level of control, which can only include the display of activity or the transfer of complete control to the computer in front. To make things easier, this program can remember the permission to connect to any computer ID. In addition, Ammyy Admin is well-established for voice chat between two users, and uses a basic file manager to transfer information, rename files, and create new folders.

Obviously, speed depends on the quality of communication between the two computers; But some adjustments can be made to increase the speed to get better results. This includes disabling features such as visual effects or the desktop background in the remote control window. Working with Ammyy Admin is not a complicated task and even novice users can handle it. Finally, the user experience can be unbalanced compared to other similar programs.

Features and specifications of Ammyy Admin software:

– Remote connection without installation

– Hiding from the firewall

– Has file management

– Support for HTTPS encryption

– Easy to use

– Compatible with different windows

– Use a computer for communication instead of a phone call and save money

– Quick help to friends and acquaintances at home when creating computer problems

– Simultaneous work on joint projects with friends, along with voice chat

– Do not waste time to visit the workplace in person and secure remote connection

– Access to remote control anywhere and anytime

– The system manager in the company will not need to visit his employees in person

Installation guide

The software is cracked and complete and does not need to be activated.

This software is one of the alternatives to Teamviewer program after the sanctions against Iran.

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