Analgesic potion for athletes

For years, athletes and even coaches have experienced muscle aches and cramps, and in some cases have been forced to sit on benches. What do you do if you are told that there is a drink that prevents this pain?

Whether you are a professional athlete or someone looking to lose weight , you may have experienced muscle cramps in your life . Fortunately, Nobel laureate, neurologist and endurance athlete Rod McKinnon has come up with a formula that can stop the onset of muscle cramps . Muscles are not the main culprit. What causes pain is the nerves. For years, health professionals and sports physicians thought this was due to dehydration or a lack of vital electrolytes. After a decade of research and study, McKinnon has discovered that the cause of muscle cramps is the nerves themselves. So he has created a formula that can prevent this pain. This formula is a great drink that contains three ingredients of gingerCinnamon and pepper . It is best to drink this drink before exercise to prevent pain. Now the question is how effective can this drink be? The members of Men’s Fitness magazine have used this drink and believe that it is 100% and in all conditions it is not useful. Of course, people who have consumed this drink have gained good energy. Eventually, they concluded that this home remedy works best for endurance sports such as marathons, where muscle function is crucial.