Android 11 update released for Galaxy S2!

Galaxy S2
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After receiving the original version, the Android 11 update for the Galaxy S2 has been released by the same manufacturers based on the Lineage system.


Unofficial frames have been installed on various phones for a long time, and many users use them to save their phone from aging and not receiving the official update of the Android version. However, some older gadgets no longer receive such updates, even unofficially.

This is while the old flagship of Samsung has received the latest version of Android and apparently is compatible with it!

Android 11 update for Galaxy S2

About two months ago, the XDA Developers Group announced a list of handsets that could get the unofficial version of Android 11, including the Galaxy S2. However, it seemed very unlikely that anyone would install this ROM on a very old phone that had practically lost its use as an everyday gadget. But as it turns out, not only many people have installed this ROM on their device, but now an update has been released!

However, smartphones usually do not receive support from their manufacturers after a few years and are considered dead. However, a gadget like the HTC HD2 has been receiving updates for a long time; But it was in 2019 that Android 6.0 was released for the Samsung Galaxy S2 based on the Lineage system, breaking this record.

Now this record has been surpassed and Android 11 in this device even receives an update to fix some of the problems and bugs that were announced .

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