The best Android trash apps to recover deleted files

trash apps
Trash apps available in the Google Play Store can be used to secure data from accidental or sudden deletions by yourself or others. In this article, we share with you 5 apps from the best Android trash apps.

Top 5 trash apps for Android in 2019

1- Dumpster trash app for Android

Dumpster Trash app for Android

Software Dumpster one of the best apps in the trash for Android is. One of the good things about Dumpster is that it temporarily stores everything you delete from your device memory. The Dumpster Trash app does not require root access to run on Android phones .

2- DiskDigger trash application for Android

DiskDigger Trash app for Android

DiskDigger software  is another trash can application that you can use on Android devices . Although DiskDigger works on both rooted and non-rooted phones, it is best used on a rooted Android device .  DiskDigger Trash app like Dumpster saves all the files you delete from your Android device . Another positive feature of the   DiskDigger Trash app is the Cloud Storage service, which allows users to use the DiskDigger Trash app cloud service  to store deleted files .

3- Recycle Master trash application for Android

Recycle Master trash app for Android

Another great trash software for Android is  called Recycle Master . The  Recycle Master app takes a backup of everything you delete from your Android device . This app is very similar to the Dumpster Trash app . A very structured and simple user interface is a good feature of the  Recycle Master trash application .

4- Cx File Explorer trash application for Android

Trash Cx File Explorer app for Android

Cx File Explorer software is  a well-equipped file management application for Android phones , which also includes the trash feature . In fact, Cx File Explorer has a built-in trash can built into it. This means that any file you  delete using the Cx File Explorer application is saved in the Recycle Bin folder. Users can then  recover accidentally deleted files with the Cx File Explorer trash application .

5- File Commander trash application for Android

Trash application File Commander for Android

One of the great tools and Top Rated to trash on devices running Android use  File Commander is. A well-equipped file manager with a clean and easy-to-use interface. The  File Commander trash feature allows users to recover accidentally deleted files. However, the Trash feature is only available in the premium version of File Commander.

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