Anger Management Tips

Here are a few time-tested tips of anger management −

  • Thinking before Speaking − Collect your thoughts before saying anything.
  • Expressing Anger Calmly − State thoughts clearly without hurting others.
  • Exercising − Spend some time doing other enjoyable physical activities.
  • Timeouts − Some moments of silence can help you focus your thoughts.
  • Identifying Solutions − Instead of thinking what makes you angry, try to find a resolution to the issue.
  • Use ‘I’ statements − Say, “I’ve been waiting to check your presentation,” instead of, “You never finish your work within deadlines.”
  • Don’t grudge − It’s unrealistic to expect everyone to perform by your guidelines. Forgiving and forgetting can take a lot of negative emotion out of your system.
  • Use humor − Use humor to dissipate the situation without turning it hostile.
  • Practice relaxation skills − Practice deep-breathing, listening to music.
  • Seek help − Consider seeking professional help if your anger is absolutely uncontrollable.

Try it Yourself

Recall a situation that made you angry, and another one that caused you to turn violent in anger. Now compare both the situations and fill in the form.

  • What makes you angry? How would you react to this situation?



  • What behavior you want to avoid the most when you experience anger?



  • What will be your alternative line of action?



  • How will you deal with the early warning signs of anger?



  • How will you behave when you are very angry?