ANSYS optiSLang Windows / 7.5.1 Linux

ANSYS optiSLang Windows / 7.5.1 Linux

optiSLang is a software platform for designing, modeling, developing and analyzing products with a multidisciplinary approach based on robust design. This valuable product is marketed by Dynardo, and experts in various fields can use this powerful program to design and analyze their products. This software is specially used for stochastic analysis based on the variables that have the largest share in the optimization of the main objectives. This includes the design and development of systems that are sensitive to parametric changes.

One of the very positive features of this program is the use of graphic elements to visually display the processes. It is noteworthy that this program can be used independently and users of Ensys and Excel can use its capabilities as a plug-in in their host software. Using RDO or robustness-based design method, this program allows project experts to identify sensitive parts of the system and reduce final risks before careful implementation of the project by careful development and analysis.

Features and characteristics of ANSYS optiSLang software:

  • Automatic and timely detection of important parameters during the analysis of sensitive points of the system
  • Automatically generate the best regression functions in several different models to more accurately predict and respond to changes in sample data
  • Multidisciplinary and multi-objective optimization
  • Evaluate the strength of product design
  • Ability to design based on a large number of parameters and nonlinear tasks
  • Ability to define predefined features before processing results for greater performance
  • High product flexibility and very good coordination with Ensys software
  • Ability to use different scripts to increase the processing capabilities of the program
  • Proper design of the graphical interface of the program and the possibility of fast switching between different parts of the project

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