ANSYS SCADE 2020 R2 Multilanguage x64

SCADE is a model-based development environment embedded or embedded for sensitive software. The software is natively integrated with the Scade language and serves as an integrated development environment for critical applications that includes management requirements, model-based design, simulation, validation, and authorization. Special points about this program include the use of output data of this program in other tools and platforms.

SCADE can be used to design critical software such as flight control, engine control systems, landing gear systems, autopilot, power and fuel management systems, cockpit displays, automatic train operation, computer-based train control, systems Automatic braking, high speed protection, nuclear power plant controls, battery management systems, electronic steering in cars and many applications in aerospace, railways, energy, automobiles and industry.

SCADE Features and Features

  • Advanced model-based design
  • Sync with software architecture design
  • Model analysis
  • Debugging and simulation
  • Automatic code generation
  • Integration with SCADE tools
  • Systems simulation capabilities
  • Dedicated solutions for embedded vehicle software

Installation guide

In the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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ANSYS SCADE 2020 R2 Multilanguage x64

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