ANSYS Simplorer 11.0

ANSYS Simplorer 11.0

Simplorer is a product of the renowned ANSYS company for modeling, simulating and analyzing prototypes of products before starting their physical production process. This software allows you to model, simulate, test and optimize your desired product in a computer environment before physical construction, and after ensuring the correct operation, proceed to build physical samples of that product. This product is one of the key components of model-based design in various organizations around the world.

Multimodal systems in the fields of automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy and industrial machinery are modeled and simulated using Simplorer. With its unique capabilities, it combines power, multidimensional dynamics, and embedded software, enabling Simplorer to design electrical drives and electromagnetic systems, power generation, conversion, storage, and systems. Distribution, EMI / EMC studies, and optimization and evaluation of general multivariate systems can be used. This software has a successful track record in the field of simulation and analysis of powerful and complex electronic systems.

The Simplorer library contains a wide range of components that are used to accurately model various engineering disciplines. The program’s proven solution technology is designed to accurately and efficiently manage the highly nonlinear nature of power circuits, including switching elements, analog and digital controls, and a combination of fixed-time systems and multi-range effects. Simplorer waveform analysis tools enable engineers to analyze different responses, extract different measurements, and study the behavior of power systems in detail.

Simplorer, with its flexible modeling capabilities and unparalleled integration with Ansys solutions for simulating 3D multi-object systems as well as ANSYS SCADE products for embedded systems design, has provided extensive support for assembling physical product models. Finally, it has helped product development organizations integrate conceptual design with detailed analysis and evaluation systems.

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Features and characteristics of Simplorer software:

  • Powerful graphic modeling
  • Access to a rich library of models
  • Possibility of direct import from SCADE Suite for design of embeded control systems
  • Ability to import models from foreign tools
  • Powerful simulation solutions
  • Basic simulations and complex simulation studies
  • Integration and tools and customization capabilities
  • Create graphical and tabular reports
  • Ability to export reports to other environments

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