ANSYS SPEOS 2020 R2 for Siemens NX Series x64

SPEOS is software used to estimate the brightness and optical performance of the system and save cost and time during the process of improving product performance. SPEOS uses a combination of operational modeling and dedicated and comprehensive libraries as well as its optimization capabilities to design and optimize optical systems quickly and easily .

Using SPEOS, you can study the interaction of photons with mechanical geometries and quickly and easily create the right lighting system for your product.

Also, using SPEOS and HPC, the test results will be displayed to you with considerable speed and accuracy. Quick Computing Systems (HPC) are used as a breakthrough to perform computations quickly and accurately.

This software has a user-friendly interface and is fully compatible with ANSYS user environments. It is possible to output with all the features and dependencies in an encrypted file in the SPEOS optical box.

Features and characteristics of SPEOS

  • Lighting system modeling
  • Lighting systems analyst
  • Illustration of lighting systems
  • Optical design optimization
  • HUD design and analysis
  • Optical sensor test
  • Infrared development
  • Comprehensive optical library
  • Use the library to simulate sensors

Installation guide

In the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download ANSYS SPEOS 2020 R2 for Siemens NX Series x64

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