Anti-cancer properties of dried garlic extract

Anti-cancer properties of dried garlic extract

Garlic has been an important herbal medicine for centuries in the treatment of diseases. According to medical records in ancient Egypt dating back to 1550 BC, motifs found on the walls of Egyptian tombs and places around tombs in the early 3700 BC indicate that garlic was used as a cure for heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases. Has been used.

Modern science confirms many of the healing benefits of garlic and its potential properties in reducing the risk factors for a large number of diseases, some of which are associated with aging, including cardiovascular and neurological diseases and cancer. The effect of garlic and garlic extract has been proven in a natural and odorless supplement made by the American company Wakunaga, which has been tested in the prevention of cancer in humans.

The basic mechanism in the preventive properties of garlic is often based on research on dried garlic extract and is mainly due to the antioxidant properties of organic sulfur compounds and has the ability to increase immune immunity, eliminate carcinogenic toxicity, reduce inflammation and help prevent mutations. Leads to cancer.

Epidemiological studies

Authentic documents from the National Cancer Institute

Several studies have been performed on a large number of people, and the results suggest an association between increased garlic consumption and a reduced risk of certain cancers, such as stomach, intestinal, esophageal, pancreatic, and breast. In an analysis of seven of these studies, the researchers found that the higher the garlic intake, the lower the risk of gastrointestinal cancer.

A comprehensive study at the Iowa Women’s Studies Center examined the role of diet and other risk factors in the prevalence of cancer in middle-aged women and found that there is a strong association between garlic consumption and a reduced risk of bowel cancer. Women who ate a lot of garlic had a 50% lower risk of bowel cancer than women who ate less garlic.

Several studies have been conducted on people in China that revolved around the consumption of garlic and the risk of cancer. In one of these studies, it was shown that frequent consumption of garlic and different types of onions and chives was directly related to the reduction of esophageal and gastric cancer, and the higher the consumption of garlic, the lower the risk of cancer.

Another study found that eating vegetables such as garlic and onions, especially garlic and onions themselves, was associated with a reduced risk of stomach cancer. In the third study, it was shown that maximal absorption of vegetables such as garlic and onions, especially garlic and leeks (more than 10 grams per day) reduces the risk of prostate cancer by up to 50%.

There is also evidence that increasing garlic intake may reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer. A study in San Francisco found that people who ate garlic had a 54% lower risk of pancreatic cancer in those in the first group than those who did not.

In addition, a study in France found that increased garlic consumption significantly reduced breast cancer rates. After calculating the total calories absorbed and determining the risk factors, it was found that the risk of breast cancer was reduced in people who consumed large amounts of fiber, garlic and onions.

Recent epidemic studies in China have shown that the absorption of raw garlic once or twice a week has an effective role in reducing lung cancer, and this effect is due to the amount consumed. Although garlic may potentially prevent lung cancer, researchers say, the compounds that prevent lung cancer remain unknown.

Natural protective garlic extract

It may not be possible for everyone to consume fresh garlic due to the unpleasant and long-lasting odor and, of course, the potential side effects of garlic, such as bloating and diarrhea, leaving them to miss out on the benefits of garlic. Dried garlic extract is a odorless and natural supplement that is made from fresh natural garlic and extracted during long processes at room temperature.

Unstable and pungent substances such as allicin, which is found in every clove of garlic and is the source of garlic odor, are converted to stable compounds such as allyl cysteine, the maximum water-soluble organic compound in dried garlic extract to assimilate substances and allyl mercaptocytetin, which is a unique compound. It is used in dry garlic extract. According to reports, about 700 scientific and clinical studies have been performed on dried garlic extract, which contains a major part of the properties of garlic and its effects on health.

According to laboratory models and clinical studies, dried garlic extract is rich in organic sulfur compounds and rich in active antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds against age-related diseases and illnesses, many of which are the result of damage caused by free radicals and inflammation. They play a protective role.

These include cancer, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, and disorders of nerve cell regeneration such as dementia, and its predominant form, Alzheimer’s. Dried garlic extract has been shown to strengthen the immune system, eliminate metabolism and toxins, and eliminate carcinogens and other carcinogenic compounds from the body.

Anti-cancer properties of dried garlic extract

The anti-cancer properties of dried garlic extract in the body system of the samples have been widely reported. Among these findings are dried garlic extract and its main components, which inhibit intestinal cancer in terms of consumption, and stimulate an enzyme called glutathione transferases, which is known to work together to eliminate the toxicity of many carcinogenic compounds in the liver and intestines.

Their antioxidant content removes free radicals that cause the sudden stimulation and change of carcinogens in dioxyribonucleic acid called AND; Other activities include stopping the activity of carcinogens associated with dioxyribonucleic acid, preventing the sudden activity of carcinogens and eliminating their poisoning. Dried garlic extract also plays an important role in killing cancer cells by cell death, programming deadly cells, and increasing the activity of immune system cells that attack cancer cells, the natural killer cells.

Dried garlic extract protects against the progression of colon cancer

The study of epidemics indicates the preventive properties of garlic against cancer; Researchers have found in laboratory studies that dried garlic extract and its compounds such as allyl cysteine, allyl macacaptocytene and alexin have anti-cancer properties; However, proving these properties requires clinical studies in humans. A randomized clinical trial was conducted by Tanaka et al.

The researchers used a large amount of dried garlic extract (2.4 ml per day) as the active drug and a small amount of it (16.16 ml per day) for screening on 51 patients with malignant colon cancer without tumors. It could turn into acute cancer, they used. In this study, after removing their 5 mm benign tumor, subjects were randomly divided into two groups consuming dried garlic extract.

The researchers used colonoscopy to determine the number and size of benign tumors before and between 6 and 12 months after giving dried garlic extract to patients.

Thirty-seven patients (19 in the active group and 18 in the control group) followed the study to the end. Findings in the control group receiving small amounts of dried garlic extract showed an increase in the number of benign tumors from the beginning of the study; In contrast, the group given a large amount of dried garlic extract, after 12 months of consuming dried garlic extract, significantly reduced the size and number of benign tumors.

These remarkable results showed that garlic supplementation has a protective potential by preventing the progression of benign to malignant tumors in the intestine.

Evaluate the results

Clinical studies show that Kyolic dried garlic extract prevents the progression of cancer, resulting in non-cancerous lesions. reduces. Of course, it is not possible for everyone to consume a lot of fresh garlic, because its smell remains on the skin for a long time and when breathing, and fresh garlic may have unpleasant adverse effects on the intestines, to which must be added the serious anti-social consequences. .

Therefore, dried garlic extract, which is odorless and its preventive benefits in similar diseases and in some cases even more than fresh garlic, is the most popular type of garlic prepared among consumers and its effects in preventing cancer more than anything else by researchers and studies. Clinically examined.

Clinical studies suggest that dried garlic extract kills cancer-causing tumors and potentially prevents the progression of colorectal cancer, which has been the subject of much research, relying on the dramatic assimilation of the active ingredients of ripe garlic extract. In cases where it is not possible to consume garlic in the usual way, this method is considered as an improvement in the evaluation of the properties of fresh garlic plants.

Laboratory studies have also shown that garlic cloves can contain 33 different types of fatty substances, including tallow, wax and phosphate, and soluble organic compounds of sulfur, each of which potentially has several properties in preventing cancer; But the amount of garlic, which is determined by the number of garlic cloves and how many of them are needed to stop bowel cancer, is still unknown.

In contrast, dried garlic extract compounds, such as allyl cysteine, are the most common compound in dried garlic extract, which is 98% absorbed by the intestine and enters the bloodstream unchanged.

last word:

Cancer is a multi-stage process that is inherited based on developmental components, but at the same time it is considered as a disease whose onset and progression in some cases goes back to environmental factors and sometimes to metabolic effects such as free radicals and oxidations. Absorption of fresh garlic as a spice and its daily consumption in the form of Bibo supplement as dried garlic extract is an effective approach to support against the onset and progression of some types of cancer.