Anyplace Control

Anyplace Control is an easy-to-use desktop remote control software that displays another computer desktop on your local computer screen in real time, allowing you to control that computer using a mouse and keyboard. Control yourself from anywhere. Anyplace Control Displays the computer desktop in separate windows. These are the basic interfaces for communicating with a remote computer and allow you to control them directly with your keyboard and mouse. You can also open several of these windows at once – allowing you to monitor more than one computer at a time.

Features and Features of Anyplace Control:

  • Viewing Mode – Helps you watch a computer and see everything the user does in real time.
  • Control Mode – Allows you to control with the mouse and control another computer
  • Fullscreen – Allows you to see a remote desktop in the same dimensions as a regular screen.
  • Window – Allows you to remotely view the desktop in a window, which can be resized and minimized as needed.
  • The Remote Screen window contains a toolbar that provides instant access to most of the operations required for remote control, such as changing the color depth, sending special keys, transferring clipboard content between local and remote computers, and more.
  • Supports full screen resolution with color depth from 4 to 32 bits

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

download link

Download Anyplace_Control_6.1.0.0_Final

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