Anzu Razer smart glasses were introduced Spec and price

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The Anzu Razer smart glasses were introduced with a speaker, microphone and two types of lenses. Razer Anzu smart glasses without replaceable lenses cost around $ 200.

The company Razor with Enzo officially entered the world of smart glasses was introduced. In addition to being available in two shapes, sizes and lenses, the Anzu Razer smart glasses are also equipped with built-in audio function.

Just like Bose audio sunglasses, the newly introduced glasses from Razer are equipped with a speaker on the phone that can transmit sound directly into the user’s ear. You can listen to music with this speaker, or even answer voice conversations through a built-in microphone inside the glasses.

Anzu Razer Smart Glasses

Enzo glasses offer touch buttons on its handles to control multimedia playback, which have many capabilities. These touch buttons are embedded on both handles; So you can use them with any hand you are comfortable with.

The Anzu Razer smart glasses have two rectangular and rounded edge designs, both of which come in small or large frames. Razer also puts two lenses inside the box. One of them is installed on the glasses by default for indoor use and can block up to 35% of the blue light of the screens. The other lens is polarized and can block up to 99% of UVB and UVA rays.

It is also possible to install custom lenses on these glasses according to the user’s eye number. The company works with Lensail to provide medical lenses to its customers. Other features of Enzo glasses include water resistance thanks to IPX4 certification, up to 5 hours of battery charge and two weeks of standby time with each full charge, 60 millisecond audio delay and a standalone mode for gaming.

The Enzo Razer smart glasses are available for $ 200. The replacement lenses for this device are also $ 30.

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