AOMix 6.52 x86

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AOMix is ​​a specialized software for analyzing molecular orbitals that allows you to select atomic groups, the type and shape of orbitals, and specific chemical properties. Using AOMix, you can study the structure and chemical properties of different materials and use concepts such as capacity and valence. This program determines the intensity and division of loads between cores and allows them to be analyzed.

Also, various shapes and diagrams in this field will be drawn for you. No need for manual calculations and with this program you can easily get the wave function of your desired molecule. The composition and components of your molecule will be displayed in the form of atomic and molecular orbitals. Even the number of transplanted and anti-transplanted molecular orbitals in your molecule is calculated. It can be used to measure the degree of molecular bonding and the strength of the bond. The number of electrons shared and the electrons of capacitance and گی will all be accurately calculated and displayed.

Features of AOMix software:

  • Accurate analysis and calculations for molecular orbitals
  • Display the number of transplanted and anti-transplanted molecular orbitals
  • Show details and concepts of molecular chemical structure
  • Investigation of molecular wave function and determination of bond strength for chemical investigation
  • The number of electrons shared and how they are divided between different atoms
  • Show concepts of capacity, wave function, valence

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This software is free and has no restrictions.

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