ApexSQL Build Date 2020-08

ApexSQL is a leading company in Microsoft SQL Server. ApexSQL products help SQL Server and DBA developers easily perform complex tasks. ApexSQL Universal is the company’s most complete product and includes all tools. In the following, we will review some of the different tools available in this product;

Some tools include the ApexSQL Universal suite:

ApexSQL Log:

– Read SQL transaction log for statutory audit and reverse of unintentional or malicious changes

– Audit data, schema and license changes in SQL Server databases

– Gain meaningful, in-depth access to SQL Server transaction logs

– Revert from database changes and recover lost or damaged data

– Legal review to determine who, what and when changed

ApexSQL Diff:

– Compare SQL Server schema

– Compare and synchronize SQL Server database schemas

– Compare databases, backups, sc tags, snapshots and scripts

– Database migrations are automatic and scheduled

– Direct application of the database to / from the source control

ApexSQL Restore:

– Restore database backups

– Save time and space by restoring SQL Server database backups and transaction log files

– Work with SQL backups just like live databases

– Bring backups to a specific point in time

– Speed ​​up SQL database recovery

– Ability to directly access data and objects from within backups

ApexSQL Recover:

– Recover data that has been deleted, lost or damaged, as well as recover data lost due to the use of DELETE, TRUNCATE and DROP commands

– Recover BLOB data such as files

Recover Haz data from a corrupted SQL database or detach MDF

– Extract data from database backups without restoring them

ApexSQL Monitor:

– Advanced SQL monitoring

– Control, identify and resolve issues and problems related to SQL Server performance

– Monitor multiple SQL Server instances

– View system performance metrics

– Review performance issues and deadlocks

– Use a complete and comprehensive dashboard to view the criteria

ApexSQL Clean:

– Remove unused objects

– View database dependencies and analyze the effects of planned changes

– Investigate the effect of changes and potential deletions

– View and analyze the dependencies of SQL database objects

– Remove unwanted objects that are not risky

– Mapping the dependencies to the column level of the table

ApexSQL Doc:

– SQL database documentation

– Write SQL Server database documents and SSIS packages

– Production of SSIS and Dahd documents in CHM, HTML Word and PDF formats

– Automation and scheduling of the documentation process

– Use of relational diagrams in SQL database documents

ApexSQL Trigger: 

– Trigger-based SQL inspection steps

– Complete integration of inspection and reporting steps with your customer program

– Track data changes in SQL Server

– Capture and store all data changes in a centralized repository

– Reliable integration of free inspections in end-user applications

– Translate inspection data into information with the ability to view, search and review

Installation guide

Follow the Readme.txt file with the software.

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