Apple AirPads 3 will be introduced with a new design in April

AirPads 3
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Information has been released about the next version of Apple Airbuds. Accordingly, Apple Air Pods 3 – Apple Air Pods 3 with a new design will be introduced in April.

For several years now, gadgets called AirPads have been manufactured and marketed by Apple. These AirPads have attracted a lot of attention due to their TWS (True Wireless Stereo Sound) capability. Over time, the gadget became very popular, and this led many companies to imitate this Apple product. Some other small companies have started making cheaper (counterfeit) models of Apple Air Pods, and as you know, there are much cheaper models of this gadget on the market today, but it should be noted that these gadgets are both in terms of design and sound. They are very poor quality.

Apple AirPads 3

Due to the fact that Apple AirPads are very popular today, they were ridiculed by many users at the time of the launch of this gadget due to their very high price and different design from the 2016 wireless headphones. Then, over time, this gadget became one of Apple’s most popular products. In 2019, Apple introduced a model of its wireless headphones called Air Pods Pro. This gadget had a different design from previous versions and was also more expensive, but due to the new Noise Cancellation feature, this gadget also attracted the attention of users.

Recently, information was released about the introduction of a new gadget called Apple AirPads 3, as the name of this gadget indicates, it will be the third version of this series, and it is also said that Air Pods 3 will use the same capabilities as Air Pods Pro. But it will be cheaper.

According to information released by 52audio, the Apple AirPads 3 will have a similar design to previous versions, and it is also said that this gadget will be smaller than its previous version. This means that the Apple AirPads 3 will be shorter than the AirPads Pro and will use a smaller charging case.

According to the information released, Apple AirPads 3 will use the capabilities of AirPads Pro, which means that this gadget will support the ability to remove extra noise (Noise Cancellation) and Transparency Mode.

The Air Pods 3 are said to be available at a more reasonable price, such as the launch price of the AirPods 2 Series, and the Apple AirPods 3 are expected to launch in early March.

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