Apple also removes the iPhone charging cable from the box!

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There is evidence that Apple may also remove the iPhone charging cable from its handsets next year. Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 comes without a charger and wired AirPad.

The iPhone 12 had many changes. From the camera to the edge design, it was different from the previous generation. But the biggest change is not in the phone itself, but in the box. Apple has decided to remove the AirPad and even the charger from the box of its new handsets under the pretext of reducing environmental degradation and reducing costs. Apple’s decision may not end there. The results of a post-purchase survey show that Apple is also considering removing the iPhone charging cable from the box.

Apple justifies itself by removing the main accessories from the iPhone 12 box to help reduce the harmful effects of electronics on the environment. There is an iPhone charger in every home, and most people who have bought an iPhone 12 have probably migrated to this phone from an older iPhone.

Some say Apple made the decision to add special features to its iPhone this year. Others believe that Apple has made this decision to make more profit by selling its chargers separately to users who do not have an iPhone USB-C charger. However, many governments, such as Brazil, stop selling any smartphone without a charger.

The company is likely to escalate the controversy by removing its USB-C charging cable from the box of its future iPhones. IPhone 12 owners have been asked if they use other accessories in their phone case, such as a SIM card extractor and charging cable. Apple conducted a similar survey before deciding to remove iPhone chargers.

Remove iPhone charging cable; More Apple profitability!

However, this survey does not guarantee the decision to remove the charging cable from the box of future iPhones; This will not happen any time soon, at least because of the recent climate. But if Apple makes that decision, unlike USB-C chargers, there are fewer reputable brands on the market that produce high-quality USB-C to Lightning cables, and users will probably prefer to buy the same Apple cables.

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