Apple Combined Reality Headset
Apple Combined Reality Headset

Apple Combined Reality Headset

Apple Combined Reality Headset; The next big target is the Cupertino giant

According to analysts, it is possible that in the future iPhones will be replaced by Apple’s augmented reality headsets.


Since the information about augmented reality glasses (AR) and mixed reality headset (Mixed Reality) published Apple, Apple users will know which projects will soon open new doors to progress in the field of smart gadgets will.

However, little official information has been released about the two devices, and it is not even clear exactly how long they will have to wait to be made and released. Apple product analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently released data on the company’s plans for the coming years, suggesting that iPhones could be replaced with new gadgets.

This person had previously provided information about the new iPhone in 2017, which was somewhat correctly predicted; So we can count on the analyzer’s statements to get new information from Apple’s future plans.

Apple Combined Reality Headset

Apple Combined Reality Headset

About seven months before the release of the iPhone X and its various other models, Koo knew what the screen size of each would be and would be AMOLED. In addition, many other technical specifications of these gadgets were announced by him and were later confirmed with the release of Apple’s 2017 flagships. But perhaps the most important thing the analyzer mentioned was the ability to 3D capture a person’s image to unlock the phone screen, which was later confirmed as Face ID. It should also be noted that the removal of Touch ID on the power button has been one of the correct statements he made about iPhones in the past.

However, it is interesting to note that this analyzer has just returned and released new information that shows its interest in Apple wearable gadgets and their importance. According to him, next year, Apple will launch its first augmented reality virtual headsets in the global market.

Apple Combined Reality Headset

This gadget uses 3D photos to take you into a different reality that you are not really in! For example, while wearing this headset, you may find yourself driving a race car or fighting zombies. However, in augmented reality, instead of combining or substituting reality, the world is displayed as it is, but with new information that will be placed next to different items, places, and objects.

Each augmented reality headset weighs about 200 to 300 grams, according to Ko. However, he said that Apple is trying to significantly reduce the weight of the headset to compete with products from other companies (such as Asus). However, when it comes to the price of this gadget, the analyst said that one can never expect a low price for such a new technology, and it will probably be around $ 1,000, which is the price of a flagship phone.

In addition to being designed and built based on Apple’s own technology, the headset will use Sony’s micro-OLED displays alongside optical modules to display augmented reality.

In addition to the above, Koo has also published some interesting information about Apple’s plan for the coming years.

Apple is expected to launch its virtual reality and augmented reality gadgets in various models; So that in 2022, headsets, 2025 glasses, and until about 2030 to 2040, eye lenses. However, it is possible that the glasses and lenses will only be used for augmented reality, leaving the virtual reality part of the headset.

However, he says that even if virtual reality mode is not converted to glasses or lens mode, the same headsets will be much lighter and smaller so that users can easily use it as a mobile gadget. He also said that the quality of construction of these products will be much better than competing models, and Apple has long focused on building them.

Apple Combined Reality Headset

In terms of specifications and how these headsets work, we can mention the existence of several cameras to track hand movements, as well as a new technology that will follow the eye of the beholder for display. In addition, the screens inside the headset are 8K and recreate the virtual world for users in the truest way possible.

However, perhaps one of the best features of this gadget is that it does not require an iPhone connection to display images and work. Of course, this has only been confirmed by Koo for augmented reality headsets, and he said augmented reality glasses will still need to be connected to a data processing source such as an iPhone.

He also said about these glasses (which Ko introduces as Apple Glass) that their release date is around 2025 and in fact it will be unveiled as a mobile gadget that makes it possible to see different areas with augmented reality. Apparently, as mentioned, Apple has a lot of plans for these headsets and new technology and has agreed on it with companies such as Sony (supplier of micro-OLED displays), Pagatron and several other companies.

Apple Combined Reality Headset

Koo also said that in the distant future, these glasses will be replaced by augmented reality lenses, which will be officially introduced in 2030 to 2040.

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