Everything we expect from the next generation of Apple keyboard and mouse in redesigning the iMac

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Apple plans to introduce a redesigned version of iMac equipped with Apple Silicon processor this year; But what do you really expect from its accessories? Stay with us.

Apple was in deep financial crisis and even bankruptcy for many years before it became a very successful $ 2 trillion company; So, after returning to Apple , Steve Jobs wanted to revitalize the company twice by shutting down some of the company’s product lines and focusing on consumer products for the general public, and that was exactly where the iMac G3 came into play. Originally called the iMac, the G3 was a group of Macs that aimed to drive the consumer market with its specs and popular design.


The introduction of iMac computers in 1998 was the subject of controversy among commentators, Mac supporters, and Apple opponents. Comments on Apple’s drastic changes to the Mac hardware were summarized. At the time, Apple had suffered a series of setbacks; Because consumers were increasingly choosing Ventral machines (Windows PCs) instead of Apple’s high-end models. Many in the industry thought that Apple was a competitor and would soon be forced to start selling its PCs with a custom interface built on top of one or more potential operating systems such as Taligent and Solaris or Windows 98. In the meantime, iMac computers, as Apple’s lifeline to get out of trouble, did a good job and set a bright future for the company.

View of Steve Jobs and Imec G3

Contrary to popular belief, the name iMac and the prefix “i” in general were first suggested to Steve Jobs by Ken Segal, an LA (Los Angeles) advertising agent and senior accountant at Apple. After Jobs’s death, Segal claimed that Jobs had chosen MacMan to name his new batch of computers; But after Segal offered him Imec twice, the name was accepted. Segal says that the prefix “i” stands for Internet and also represents the product as a personal and revolutionary tool. Apple later used the “i” prefix across its hardware and software lines, such as the iBook, iPod, iPhone , iPad, and various software such as the iLife and York suite, and the media player and iTunes Store.

Concept designer of redesigned iMac

With a brief history of iMac and its undeniable impact on Apple’s future, this product has recently come into the spotlight after a long absence. Not only do we expect a major redesign later this year; Rather, it is said that the tech giant intends to revive the various colors that were once the symbol of the G3 iMac in a new body and somehow return to its roots. Aside from the visual changes, iMac needs fundamental changes in creating and improving communication with users, and this is exactly where the importance of the mouse and keyboard, the user’s main communication devices with the computer world, becomes clear. Now, in this article, citing DigitalTrends , we are going to share all the things and aspects that are expected from the next iMac mouse and keyboard.

MacBook Pro Touch ID Sensor

These days, an important element in almost every Apple device is user authentication. The iPhone and iPad Pro have a biometric face recognition system called Face Id. In contrast, MacBooks and some iPads are adorned with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. But the main question is, what about Imec? The answer is very clear; Because Aymak has not seen fundamental changes for years, as if it has remained in the corners of its glorious history and past. The integration of the Touch ID button on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air keyboards shows that Apple is aware of the idea of ​​using Touch ID on the iMac keyboard. However, doing this on iMac requires integrating something like a T2 security chip into the keyboard to prevent your fingerprints from being sent over the waves. We know that Apple is at least exploring this idea and has filed several related patents in recent years; Therefore, it is hoped that the next generation of iMac computers will support this feature.

In general, adding a Touch ID sensor to an iMac greatly increases its security by blocking the access of someone who knows your password. Perhaps the reason we’ve never seen Touch ID on iMac is that Apple is working on a much more secure form of authentication, Facebook ID. Finally, reports indicate that Facebook ID may be added to IOMC in 2022; But if it never comes to fruition, Touch ID will be a necessity.

Magic Keyboard Apple Color Space Gray

Aside from security, a more fundamental aspect of the Cupertino’s all-in-one computer keyboard is the changes to the keys themselves. At this time, you still can not buy an official Apple keyboard with backlit keys. This may not seem like a big deal; But if you work in low light conditions or want to find the keys quickly, using backlighting can definitely make a big difference. Of course, this feature may affect battery life; But since we are dealing with an unbearable home computer, the keyboard can be plugged in. In addition, many manufacturers produce backlit keyboards that can still provide good battery life; So why not make it the largest tech company in the world?

Another issue that the tech giant can improve is the directional keys. Apple has a horrible habit of holding up and down keys on small buttons, making them much harder to find by touch. The hopeful thing is that Apple has realized its mistake in this regard and restored them to the 16-inch MacBook Pro in their natural T-shape. However, it’s time for the iMac keyboard to change, and this little feature will definitely improve the user experience.

View of iPad Pro and iMac PC

The last thing we want to see on the new keyboard is pair several devices at the same time. Looking at Apple’s policies, the company’s interest in upgrading its ecosystem is undeniable; So what better way than to be able to pair your iMac keyboard with multiple Apple devices and type on all of them? This does not mean that you have to buy an expensive Magic Keyboard for your iPad. Again, this is something that many other companies have been able to do, and it is time for Apple to finally step back and offer this useful feature.

Apple Mouse

While the new keyboard needs a lot of attention and improvement, the Magic Mouse is still far from ideal. A good mouse is a gateway to enjoy the capabilities of a computer, and just as smartphones and touch screens rely on computers, so do computers use the mouse to communicate with the user. As you know, Apple introduced the world’s first commercial mouse and was a pioneer in the development of the mouse pointer; So what better company than Apple can transform this sector? Unfortunately, the tech giant has not changed its mouse for a long time, and even the Magic Mouse 2 needs a lot of fundamental change despite improvements as it evolves. Inspired by the keyboard feature, the ability to pair multiple devices with the mouse can be a great start.

Years ago, Apple’s Magic Mouse was notorious for having a single button, and PC users sometimes ridiculed it for not having a right-click. Fortunately, those days are over; But still the magic mouse has only two buttons. Of course, this does not mean its weakness; Because Apple offers a pleasant experience by installing sensors at the level of the magic mouse and using motion gestures. However, the Magic Mouse is not suitable for all tasks and people. For example, gamers usually need more physical buttons on the mouse, and even using a few physical buttons may be a good place to integrate the Touch ID sensor.

Picture of Steve Jobs and Johnny Ive

The important thing is that Apple is still in the shadow of Steve Jobs and Johnny Ive and their relentless demand for minimalism. This legacy manifests itself in a different way in Magic Mouse. Its design certainly looks sleek and lovely; But it is, in fact, an ergonomic nightmare. When your products make users unhappy, you know it’s time to change. The magic of the Apple mouse should be transformed into a much easier form; Of course, the more convex shape should not interfere with gestures, which is currently one of the top selling points of Magic Mouse. Also, several other gestures are expected to be applied to the mouse. For example, there is currently no way to open the launcher or display the desktop. These are two of the most useful MacBook trackpad moves, and we’d like the Cupertinos to add it to the Magic Mouse as well.

According to recent reports and a lot of attention that iMac has attracted, it is hoped that Apple has set many goals to improve this product and it is believed that it will redesign its desktop computer extensively. But fundamental change cannot be focused solely on iMac; Because its accessories are just as important for a great experience. As we see the change in Apple’s custom M1 processors, we are entering a new era for Macs.

The MacBook Pro is expected to come with two 14- and 16-inch models and a major redesign later this year, while the iMac will see the same changes, and the 24-inch and 27-inch models will be updated with a host of new features. . Improvements to iMac, especially its peripherals, show that Apple continues to care about its desktop users, and there appear to be many reasons for optimism. Apple wants to make a lot of improvements when redesigning its Macs, and it probably won’t be an exception this time around.


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