Apple’s chip plant was built in Munich with a capital of 1 billion euros

Apple's chip
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Apple’s chip plant was built in Munich

Apple’s chip plant was built in Munich, Germany, as one of Apple’s largest projects with the goal of advancing mobile and wireless technologies such as the 5G network.

Apple unveiled a major investment project yesterday. Apple’s chip plant in Munich, Germany, was officially launched as the company’s largest plant in the heart of Europe. It is said that over the next 3 years, a capital of about 1 billion euros is to be injected into this project.

Focusing on the advancement of mobile and wireless technologies such as the 5G network , the center will employ thousands of new employees. The R&D center will eventually work on future designs for the Apple Silicon chip. Apple is currently seeking help from Qualcomm to supply mobile network modem chips for iPhones powered by the A14 Bionic chipset. It is no secret that Apple wants to replace Qualcomm modems with a factory-designed modem in the coming years and reduce its reliance on foreign companies.

Launching Apple’s Cupertino-based chip plant, Apple hopes that Apple will be able to place the modem directly inside its chipsets, alongside the CPU and GPU. This could eventually lead to major improvements in more efficient energy consumption.

Prior to this, Apple had extensive activity in the semiconductor sector in Germany, with hundreds of engineers working on power management and system processors. Apple’s new facility in Munich could now boost the US company’s focus on wireless mobile semiconductors (5G, 6G, etc.). The facility will cover about 30 square kilometers and Apple will complete its construction by 2022. Apple, like all its plants, will supply 100% of its energy with renewable energy. Apple currently has more than 4,000 employees in the retail, engineering and administration sectors.

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