Apple’s new patent for foldable and roll-up iPhones has been released

roll-up iPhones

foldable and roll-up iPhones

Apple’s new patent for foldable and roll-up iPhones has been released. Apple is testing one of these plans for production next year with its handset maker.


Apple plans to make flexible, clamshell iPhones, so it has filed a new patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) called Camera Systems for Bendable Electronic Devices. Apple is said to be testing one of two foldable designs with its flagship maker, Foxconn.

The two designs are reportedly in the process of quality control testing. One of these two clamshell designs is similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z2 Fold, and the device opens and closes like a book, turning the iPhone into an iPad.

Folding iPhones

The second design that is in the testing phase, which is supposed to be Apple’s favorite, is similar to the design style of the Motorola Razer and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G , which folds in half. The plan is not to turn the iPhone into an iPad like the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but to fold the iPhone with a large screen in half to make it smaller and fit in the user’s pocket. It is necessary to be able to open it and use the large screen. In the folding design, the user can close the phone after the end of the conversation and feel satisfied and satisfied with the sound of closing it.

Folding iPhones

Apple says about this patent:

An electronic device may have a flexible or rolling part that is made of a flexible material such as a flexible polymer or other flexible material. Camera sets can be installed in this rollable section. The rolling section may come in a variety of configurations when rolled, for example, in such a way that the rolling section is convex in relation to the exterior or, conversely, in a concave shape in relation to the exterior. Cameras When shooting, each camera may take pictures in its own direction. By changing the direction of the cameras by bending or flexing the rolling section, the cameras can be used to capture panoramic or 3D images.


Apple’s patent states that the cameras can be connected to the phone using both wired and wireless technology. From this it can be seen that the cameras can be placed on the phone case. This says that the cameras are portable and allow the user to create creative scenes while photographing or filming.

The latest rumors suggest that Apple will introduce the clamshell iPhone next year.

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