This application detects corona cough from the sound of cough!

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The Coughvid app uses artificial intelligence to detect coronary heart disease. Cough Wade program from the sound of cough diagnoses Covid 19 disease.


One of the challenges facing the world in the fight against coronavirus is the lack of sufficient resources. The resources, especially medical staff and medical equipment, which is why in some countries, only for critically ill patients tested Corona and they are in the hospital.

On the one hand, the number of kovid disease diagnosis kits is limited to 19. Since 40 to 45 percent of new coronavirus cases occur in the hospital , it is best to avoid going to medical centers as much as possible, unless the condition becomes acute.

Another problem with the control of officials in some countries, such as the United States, is that coronation tests are left to private laboratories. They are expensive and make it difficult to get tests from anyone with symptoms.

Coughvid app Assist physicians in the fight against corona

At this time, the technology reached users. Using the Zoom program, you can observe the law of social distance by holding a video conference. On the other hand, websites like Verily allow you to have a fairly accurate corona test online.

A new breakthrough in non-attendance diagnosis is the introduction of the Coughvid app with better performance for regular users. The software is powered by artificial intelligence and repeats what doctors do at the beginning of their visit to guess whether or not they have Covid 19; Coughvid listens to your cough!

Cuff Wade is actually a web application and can be used on any smartphone with a web browser and a healthy microphone. The idea behind its development is very simple. After entering the web application, you cough into the phone’s microphone. Like a professional doctor, who can tell if a cough is coronary or not, the Coughvid app will announce the result after assessing the type of cough. This program actually announces the possibility of getting coronavirus based on the sound of coughing.

This method may seem strange and inefficient, but in its development a large amount of data was used as support, and therefore Coff Wade should be called an expert medical system.

According to the World Health Organization, whooping cough is one of the most common symptoms of Covid 19 disease, affecting 67.7% of sufferers. This indicates that in the remaining 32.3% of patients whose dry cough is not a symptom, the Cuff Wade program will not be able to diagnose the disease. Patients without symptoms but carriers of coronavirus should not be ignored. However, having a cough medicine tool will help a lot in the current crisis. After realizing the high chance of infection, people quarantine themselves at home and prevent the spread of the virus.

The main purpose of developing such a web application is to reduce the volume of face-to-face visits to physicians. This will prevent the presence of many people in contaminated medical centers and will help to comply with the social distancing plan. Coughvid’s use of artificial intelligence, along with the vast amount of data collected about the emerging corona virus to date, has made it 70% accurate.

Keep in mind that artificial intelligence, in any system, becomes more knowledgeable over time. In other words, Cuff Wade will become more accurate over time and will be better able to diagnose the disease solely from the sound of a person’s cough.

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