Applied Flow Technology ChemPak Viewer 2.0 Build 2014-12-12

Applied Flow Technology ChemPak Viewer 2.0 Build 2014-12-12

ChemPak Viewer Powerful software with easy user interface lets you access Chempak databases as a standalone application. You can select more than 700 fluids in the database or mix non-reactive assemblies in one mass. Liquid or mixture properties may be calculated for any combination of available input parameters.

Input parameters in Chempak Viewer:

  • Density
  • Enthalpy
  • entropy
  • Internal energy
  • Pressure
  • Quality
  • Liquid saturation
  • Steam saturation
  • Specified volume
  • Temperatures

Output control provides ready-made selection of output parameters for your display, order and units. Units may also change by double-clicking on the output column title. Full control over the unit appears in the selection list via the unit settings and is available which provides unit definitions and save settings to the file. Total fluids and compounds may be saved for a quick recall from a recent list of fluids.

Features and capabilities of ChemPak Viewer:

  • Graphic output of a wide range of parameters is available with Chempak Viewers properties.
  • Customization options include full control over color, fonts, labels, markers, and line formatting, and choice of 2D or 3D chart styles
  • Print and save charts as Windows bitmaps or meta files to access other documents
  • Save or set the parameter and settings unit by default
  • Name each liquid mixture along with the standard Chempak name
  • Collect non-reactive mixtures in mass or on a mole basis

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file.

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Download AFT Chempak Viewer 2.0 build 2014-12-12 – Chempak AddIn 2.0 – Chempak Data Build 2005-04-05 SteamCalc 2.0 Build 2014-06-02 – EUS 2.0 Buid 2011-09-16

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