AppPerfect Java Profiler x86 / x64 / Linux

AppPerfect Java Profiler x86 / x64 / Linux

AppPerfect Java Profiler is designed to help you find errors by profiling your application as well as the vital system resources on which the software is running. Process profile monitoring of various JVM level parameters, including execution method, thread, object creation

Features and Features of AppPerfect Java Profiler:

  • Comprehensive profiling: based on JVMPI for stack and memory analysis, cpu and string performance. JVMPI is used for JDK and JDK1.5.
  • IDE integration: Supports the integration of IDEs with more used IDEs, which increases convenience and productivity. Supports integrated Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ, JBuilder, JDeveloper and Workshop environments
  • User-friendly interface: Provides an easy-to-use user interface using tables, charts, wizards and… that speed up the detection of problems in the software. The report is available through the UI and can be output in various formats such as HTML, PDF, CSV, XLS, XML and…
  • Dynamic instrumentation: Use advanced dynamic library for low profile network contact and fast startup time
  • Support for all program types: client-side support as well as server-side (EJBs, JSP / servlets)
  • AppServer support: The most common Java applications, including BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Apache Tomcat, Oracle Server, SunOne.
  • Provide an integrated view of all memory resources, methods, topics and monitors to assist you in JVM behavior

Installation guide

Register the software using Keygen. To run Keygen, you must use the command in the Readme.txt file. Java runtime must be installed on your operating system.

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