AquaForest PDFToolKit 2.01.160929

AquaForest PDFToolKit 2.01.160929

AquaForest PDFToolKit is a toolbox and in fact a C # development kit for extracting text from PDF files. Sometimes we need to develop document management systems that require access to the contents of PDF files. For example, in an advanced document management system, it is possible to search for a word in different documents. This word may be in a pdf document. On the other hand, extracting text from PDF files, unlike other information formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and. Is a more time consuming process.

The developer has to spend a lot of time writing a library that is able to extract the desired text from these documents, or in more complex cases we need to extract images, combine these documents and other common practices. In this situation, in order not to get involved in the process of development and debugging of marginal issues, it is usually better to use ready-made libraries that are provided for this purpose. These libraries are often supported by the development team, and in each version their problems are solved and new features are added to it.

AquaForest PDFToolKit is designed for just that. With this toolbox you can extract texts from pdf files, convert files or text to a pdf file, combine different PDF documents, split large documents into several smaller documents . In this kit, it is possible to change the security options of pdf files or set new security items. It is possible to watermark these documents, C # developers can also use this bookmark library to read PDF documents, identify and open attachments, add notes to these documents, and many other features. This product also has a command line version that you can use to perform a specific action on a large number of files or call the command line version from within C # programs.

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