AquaSoft Stages 13.2.05 Multilingual x64
AquaSoft Stages

AquaSoft Stages 13.2.05 Multilingual x64


AquaSoft Stages is a powerful software for making movies and slideshows from images, songs, and video clips. Behind every photo is a story and a hidden concept, in fact, the same message that you intend to convey to your audience. There are many ideas for creating such messages, and various software will be your helpers in this direction.
One of the best programs for this purpose is  AquaSoft Stages. With the help of this program, regardless of any restrictions, you will be able to put images, sounds, and video files together in different ways in your video projects, or combine them so that you can realize your mental idea.

There are various effects and filters for images, sounds, and video files that will make the work as beautiful as possible. It is easy to create slow-motion scenes, light scenes, focus on the subject and. In this program. You can animate any element you use on the page. You can zoom in on parts of the movie gently. There are many pre-made examples for different purposes in this program, which you can use to get more acquainted with the program and you can get ideas and patterns from them.

You can put videos and pictures in beautiful masks like hearts, on the wall and apply a perspective view to your work. An important feature of this app is the live display of applied changes. You will see any changes you make immediately in the preview section. All images, shapes, and videos used can be rotated and moved 360 degrees with high flexibility. In projects that need to sync audio and video, this program provides you with good capabilities so that you can do this type of work more easily.

required system 

2 GHz CPU, multicore processor advantage

Graphics card DirectX 9c (must support Shader Model 2), min. 256MB memory

Working memory 2 GB

Free space on hard disk 500MB (for the burning of (S) Video CDs it may be briefly necessary to have up to 1.2GB of free hard drive space, and up to 10GB for the burning of video DVDs)

Supported operating systems  Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Both 32-bit, and 64-bit systems are supported.

AquaSoft Stages Pictures

AquaSoft Stages


Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download AquaSoft Stages 13.2.05 Multilingual x64
Download AquaSoft Stages 11.8.05 Multilingual x86-x64
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