Arqcom CAD-Earth 6.0 for AutoCAD / 5.1.22 Other Softwares

Arqcom CAD-Earth 6.0 for AutoCAD / 5.1.22 Other Softwares

CAD-Earth is a well-known software for exchanging images, objects, lines, and meshes between Google Earth and CAD software. This can be used to landforms in CAD software and have much more accurate and realistic maps. This program is very easy to use and its commands can be easily accessed from the toolbar or the relevant menu. Arqcom, the manufacturer of this product, has always considered supporting software such as AutoCAD, Bricscad and ZWCAD in the CAD-Earth development process. Various operations such as drawing previews, moving and rotating the map, and changing various parameters are processed at high speed in CAD-Earth, allowing users to focus on the design of the map instead of getting involved in repetitive details.

Features of CAD-Earth tool:

  •  Import Google Earth images to CAD software
  • Export screenshots from the map to Google Earth
  • Ability to use geographic map images
  • Import the Google Earth appetite into CAD
  • Export CAD objects to Google Earth
  • Supports over 3000 global coordinate systems
  • Intersection of meshes and sections
  • Show cross sections of meshes

Installation guide

See the Readme.txt file.

download link

Download Arqcom CAD-Earth 6.0 for AutoCAD 2019-2020

Download Arqcom CAD-Earth 5.1.22 for AutoCAD 2010-2020, BricsCAD 15-19, ZWCAD 2014-2018

Download Arqcom CAD Earth 5.1 for AutoCAD 2007-2017 BricsCAD 14-16

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