ASP.NET Zero Core 10.0 + Power Tools 2.7.3 Free Download

ASP.NET Zero Core
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ASP.NET Zero Core is the starting point for new web applications with a modern user interface and comprehensive architecture. Saves time by using prefabricated pages and strong work and infrastructure. You can start ASP NET ZERO as your basic application and directly develop your code and business.

Features of ASP NET ZERO:

  • Account link
  • CSRF automatic protector
  • The UI is completely localized
  • RTL and LTR support
  • OpenId connection authentication
  • Password complexity settings
  • User and role management pages
  • Chat system (with SignalR integration)
  • Based on the ASP.NET identity framework
  • Custom logo and CSS support
  • View and receive related logs from the UI
  • Work Experience System (with Hangfire integration)
  • Ability to add, delete and translate languages ​​in the UI
  • Flexible permissions based on user, role and license
  • Multi-time zone support for apps and users
  • Provide infrastructure for joint development tasks
  • Login and show all login attempts for users
  • Active Directory Federation Authentication Service (ADFS)
  • Customize layout, header, menu and footer for each user
  • Cross-platform (IOS & Android) Xamarin mobile application
  • A hierarchical unit system for grouping users and persons
  • Two-step authentication (email, SMS, Google Authenticator)
  • Email validation pages, password reset, registration, user login, etc.
  • Unified database, database per lease and combined database support
  • Sign in to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft account)
  • Supports English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), Turkish and Arabic

required system  

Xamarin.Forms apps for iOS and Android can be built on any Windows installation that supports Xamarin development. A networked Mac is required for iOS development.

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Installation guide

The copies that are placed are usually source code and complete.

download link


Download ASP.NET Zero Core 10.0
Download ASP.NET Zero Core 9.3.0
Download Abp.AspNetZeroCore 3.0.0
Download Abp.AspNetZeroCore 2.2.0
Download ASP.NET Zero Core 9.2.0
Download ASP.NET Zero Core 9.1.0
Download ASP.NET Zero Core 9.0.0
Download ASP.NET Zero Core 8.9.0
Download Zero 8.x Abp.AspNetZeroCore 2.1.0 Crack Only
Download ASP.NET Zero Core 8.8.0
Download ASP.NET Zero Core 8.7.0
Download ASP.NET Zero Core 8.5.0
Download ASP.NET Zero 6.9.0
Download ASPNET ZERO 5.5.2

ASP NET ZERO Power Tools

Download ASP.NET Zero Power Tools 2.7.3
Download ASP.NET Zero Power Tools 2.7.2
Download ASP.NET Zero Power Tools 2.7.1
Download ASP.NET Zero Power Tools 2.7.0
Download ASP.NET Zero Power Tools 2.5.0
Download ASP.NET Zero Power Tools 2.3
Download ASP.NET Zero Power Tools
Download ASP.NET Zero Power Tools
Download ASP.NET Zero Power Tools 1.8.3 Windows
Download ASP.NET Zero Power Tools 1.8.3 Linux-macOS


Download ASP.NET Zero Renamer 2.11
Download ADP Generator 1.0
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