AspCoreGen 3.0 MVC / 2.0 Razor

AspCoreGen is a code creation tool for ASP.NET that can generate code in C #. This tool generates code by examining Microsoft SQL Server database tables . AspCoreGen is a complete code generator that generates code for web applications, including libraries and web API projects, with a single click.

Features of AspCoreGen:

  • Recover Microsoft SQL Server Database Information
  • Create SQL scripts, Linq-to-Entities query
  • Create a business / data class library project
  • Create styles, scripts, images, icons, web.config and more
  • Creating ASP.NET Web Applications – Front End (UI – Presentation Layer)
  • Create middle level files (middle layer), create data class files (data layer), create additional files such as model and view model
  • Compatible with JQuery, create web API code, create Entity framework, save methods and query Linq-to-Entities, add, delete and update records, searchable list, grouping, scrolling, details, etc., view list, Models, observation models, data objects created
  • Retrieve all records from the filtered table by an external key, retrieve all records from the filtered table by one or more fields. Used to search, retrieve all records from the table filtered by the primary key, get the number of table records, add a new record in the table

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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Download ASPCoreGen3MVC 3.0.2

Download ASPCoreGen2MVC 2.0

Download Junnark AspCoreGen 2.0 Razor

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