ASPEN OneLiner 11.7

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ASPEN OneLiner is a suitable software for analyzing and modeling power transmission and distribution networks. Using this program, you can design the widest power distribution networks and various calculations such as short circuit, network stability analysis, optimization of consumables including cables, finding a suitable place to install capacitors, calculating costs and amount of materials. Consumption did. Using this software, you can define different types of scenarios in the program and measure the network behavior against it.

This software is actually a tool to increase the productivity of electrical and power engineers because despite it, there is no need to perform repetitive, time consuming and tedious tasks. All operations are modeled in the software environment, and by changing the network configuration and configuration, you can easily measure the behavior of the rest of the network in response to the change. This program has special expertise in finding short circuits and calibrating current relays and has distinct features compared to competitors. Aspen OneLiner is currently in use in 24 countries around the world, and the manufacturer with good customer support has been able to gain a good market share.

Features and specifications of ASPEN OneLiner:

  • Simple and powerful user interface
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Precision 2D and 3D modeling of transformers, switches, series capacitors, generators, DC lines and…
  • Highly efficient in finding short circuits in the power grid
  • Ability to design and model various types of electricity transmission and distribution networks
  • Possibility of modeling power generation from wind turbines, solar as well as modeling of VSC converters
  • Accurate modeling of fuses, electrical equipment and additional current relays
  • Extensive library of relays with the possibility of adding new items by the user


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