AspxFormsGen MVC 5 Professional Plus Edition Retail

AspxFormsGen MVC 5 Professional Plus Edition Retail

AspxFormsGen is an automated code generator for ASP.NET MVC. MVC is a suitable technology for designing and implementing software, which of course has the most application in designing and implementing websites. In MVC, the functional logic of the program, the business logic of the program, and the user interface of the program / website are effectively separated from each other, allowing the programmer to manage and develop each section separately. He has to spend a lot of time writing these codes. AspxFormsGen is software that aims to facilitate and speed up this process.

This program allows you to automatically generate the initial code, in other words, the general framework of the program. You can easily create models, views, controllers, interface and data layers, business layers and procedures (or Ad hoc / Dynamic SQL) with a single click. AspxFormsGen is a valuable tool to increase the coding speed of MVC projects, and programmers in this field can use the capabilities of this tool to speed up the delivery of their projects.

Features and characteristics of AspxFormsGen:

  • Ability to create MVC applications compatible with Visual Studio 2013 and 2015
  • Integration of this tool with jQuery
  • Create Web API codes
  • Create code for middle and data layers
  • Create stored procedures based on SQL or Dynamic SQL
  • Create code connected to the database
  • Ability to create MVC lists and add Add, Edit and Delete
  • Build and update new records
  • Show record details (read only)

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