Astonsoft Dropbox Delphi Component 2.2

Astonsoft Dropbox Delphi Component 2.2

Dropbox Delphi Component is a non-visual component for working with Dropbox cloud accounts in Delphi applications. If you need to display files attached to a Dropbox account in a part of your program, if the customer has asked you to copy a copy of his information to his Dropbox account on a scheduled basis, or from Windows Drop software at all You do not like the box and you want to design a new Windows client for it. In all these cases, you need to connect to Dropbox.

This is not a visual component, meaning it has no graphics, just a powerful library to connect to the official Dropbox API and perform common operations on it. You can easily extract the details of a specific file or folder on the dropbox. You will be able to create folders on your account. There is also the ability to copy, move and delete files. You can easily download and upload the desired files. This process can happen for a single file or you can download or upload a set of files together. It is possible to simply rename the desired file or folder.

You can share the desired file or folder with others. This component supports Unicode, which means full compatibility with Persian language. It is also possible to connect to the Dropbox account through various proxy servers such as HTTP, SSL, SOCKS4, SOCKS5. This component also supports the secure https communication protocol. Dropbox Delphi Component works with the official API version 2 of Dropbox Company and in its coding, a lot of effort has been made so that in future versions of the API, the code needs to be minimized.

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