Asus motherboards use artificial intelligence

Asus motherboards use artificial intelligence

Asus motherboards use artificial intelligence to meet the basic needs of users

For the first time in the world, Asus motherboards, especially the Z490 series, meet the basic needs of users with the help of artificial intelligence.

Asus, the world’s largest motherboard manufacturer , has revolutionized the use of motherboards in home systems with the introduction of a new generation of Z490 series motherboards. For the first time in the world, Asus’ creative R&D team has integrated artificial intelligence with new motherboards to meet the basic needs of users intelligently.

Artificial intelligence on Asus motherboards

AI Overclocking – Enhance smart performance

The word AI is derived from Artificial Intelligence. Overclocking operations and settings on motherboards are always one of the most challenging and perhaps the most dangerous settings, which, if done correctly, will provide the user with a significant increase in performance for free. On the other hand, if these settings are problematic, the probability of system instability is very high and may even lead to the loss of user system components in more critical situations. Asus engineers, taking into account parameters such as the quality of the processor silicon chip, the power of the motherboard power supply circuit and the cooling performance of the system, provide these settings in a completely stable, at the highest possible frequency with the lowest operating voltage for amateur users to easily Use the system to increase the performance of the system in overclocked mode professionally.

If you are a professional user, with AI Overclocking you can easily measure the quality of the processor silicon and get the maximum performance from your system.

AI Cooling – Smart Cooling

System cooling and low noise have always been one of the most challenging topics in desktop systems. In the past, better cooling meant more noise than system fans. In the new Asus motherboards, AI Cooling solution, with sophisticated algorithms, predicts the amount of pressure and temperature in different parts of the system and optimally controls the fans connected to the motherboard headers during idle or high working pressure to eliminate unwanted system fan noises. Be smart managed.

This solution is also available in AI Suite 3 software on the Fan Xpert 4 dashboard.

AI NETWORKING- Smart Network

On newer motherboards, the ROG GameFirst VI network solution specifically supports networked applications and games. A database with a list of more than 200,000 software and games that are updated daily, sends and receives network packets with more priority when using this software on the network. In addition to the outstanding performance of prioritizing important applications, the user can easily check the bandwidth and the amount of system software involvement in the network and monitor the performance of the network in real time.

All three new Asus solutions are fully available on the Z490 motherboards, but some of these features can also be found on older models, which you can refer to the following link for information:

If you want to provide and use Asus smart motherboards, you can buy from Asus representatives in your city’s computer passages or reputable Internet sites, with an official warranty approved by the Asus office (Life Service, Sponsor, Compatible and Taba Expansion Trade).

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