Asus ROG STRIX RTX 3060Ti graphics card
RTX 3060Ti

Asus ROG STRIX RTX 3060Ti graphics card

Asus ROG STRIX RTX 3060Ti graphics card was introduced as a new member of the RTX 30 series. In the following, we will get acquainted with the specifications of this Asus graphics card.

Asus , the largest graphics card manufacturer in the world, is proud to introduce a new member of its RTX 30 series under the ROG STRIX RTX 3060TI model. This graphics card with a luxurious appearance, durability and high quality and unparalleled power can be suitable as a cost-effective but high-performance product for all gamers.

The  ROG STRIX RTX 3060Ti graphics card with AXIAL-Tech fans, proprietary Auto-Extreme manufacturing technology, the acclaimed Ampere architecture and the second generation of Nvidia’s RT processing cores, and other special features that Asus has in store for the gaming community are another trump card for Experience all new games with high quality and frame rate for gamers. Metallic and special appearance, RGB lighting with the ability to synchronize and personalize along with a solid structure, are among the other attractive options of this product, but these definitions are not enough to get acquainted with this little brother of the Asus RTX 30 family. We will discuss the general features of this graphics card and the special features that Asus has provided for this graphics card.

This graphics card has an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX ™ 3060 TI graphics processor with PCI Express 4.0 interface, OpenGL 4.6 programming interface, GDDR6 high-speed video memory with a capacity of 8 GB, 1890 MHz processing frequency, 4864DB series of 265 bit processing memory. . It also supports a maximum resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels and a maximum of 4 monitors simultaneously.

Specifications of Asus ROG STRIX RTX 3060Ti graphics card

AXIAL-TECH series fans

Asus graphics card

Asus has paired this graphics card with the AXIAL-TECH series cooling fans, which are fully optimized for a large heatsink and, of course, a powerful and high-consumption graphics card. The larger heatsink of this graphics card has more space to absorb temperature compared to the previous generation, which is one of the positive points of this product’s cooling system. Another point of these fans is the connection of the blades around an axis, it will cause better air flow transfer and more durability and stability of the fan. Also, the blades have increased compared to the previous generation, equal to 13 blades for the middle fan and another 11 blades for the two left and right fans of the graphics card.

The cooling optimization of this graphics card is still worth mentioning; The middle fan of this rotating graphics card has two fans in contrast, which has two advantages; The first is related to preventing air turbulence and cooling the graphics card, and the second is related to reducing noise from the fans. Also, this intelligent cooling system stops the fans when the graphics card has a low processing load and the temperature has reached less than 55 degrees Celsius, so that this product can work without any noise and, of course, in a stable and standard way.

MAXCONTACT technology

Asus graphics card

The first stage of the cooling system of any graphics card or, more simply, any type of chip, is temperature transfer, which Asus has used MAXCONTACT technology for better and faster temperature transfer; This technology involves the use of a chamber to connect to the graphics card chip and transfer its temperature to the heat transfer tubes, which in turn reduces the temperature of the graphics card. The important point of this technology, which significantly reduces the temperature of the graphics card, is the polishing and flattening of this chamber with microscopic precision by Asus, which increases the temperature transfer power up to 8 times compared to the common graphics cards on the market.

2.9 slot design

Asus graphics card

The 2.9 slot design of this graphics card indicates an increase in the size of the heatsink. After the temperature is absorbed by the connected part of the chip, the heat pipes transfer the temperature to the heatsink. In the new generation, Asus has also increased the size of the heatsink, which has increased the efficiency of this cooling system.

Quality and durable parts

Asus graphics card

All that is clear from the range of this graphics card is that it employs the highest components, including chokes, MOSFETs and capacitors. Asus has included the best possible components for this graphics card with the Super Alloy Power II standard. Also, the production with Asus’ exclusive Auto Extreme technology indicates that there were no human errors during the production process and product quality assurance, which is a feature not only for the graphics card, but also for all Asus graphics cards with fully automated production line technology, without interference. Human hands are involved; This feature has two advantages in general, the first is related to the uniformity and high quality of all graphics cards produced by Asus, and the second means heating the main board in just one step, which is not to put too much pressure on the board. And reduces its lifespan; And this is one of the reasons why Asus graphics cards are more durable than other graphics cards.

Software and personalization features

In addition to its RGB lighting, this graphics card also has the ability to synchronize and apply several different visual effects. Asus has introduced such a feature as Aura Sync, which is compatible with other products of the company, including motherboards, headsets and any other component that supports this technology. Asus has also provided GPU Tweak II software alongside this graphics card to view and adjust various graphics card parameters such as fan speed and core clock. Features such as a 6-month WTFast subscription, an Xsplit Gamecaster subscription, and a QuantumCloud subscription to monetize your graphics card when you are not working are included.


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